fits and starts

by City Breathing

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It's funny - the way the mind works when it's stripped of restriction and forethought. It makes for pure ideas free of pressure and convention, but often also feels as warm and comforting as an old blanket used to brace for winter by the fireplace. Brooklyn's sprawling indie-pop experimentalists City Breathing did just this in their home studio and have returned now with an offering of special semi-improvisational constructions entitled Fits & Starts.

Featuring two alternate versions of songs from their full-length debut Look How It's Snowing Upwards, Look How They Move Toward Heaven as well as three other looping and layering adventures, swollen with glitchy yet glittering guitars and aching yet airy vocals, City Breathing readily admit that they could never recreate any of these sounds again, and that's part of the allure. On hiatus for now, the metropolis the trio named themselves after is now rippling beautiful yet hopeful echoes through these quiet and expansive studio creations, proving perhaps once and for all that the best way to remember is to completely let go.

While on a break from creating new music and performing live shows, singer/guitarist Marwan Kanafani can be found in California contributing to singer-songwriter Don Dilego's upcoming album, drummer Ron Tucker is on tour with pop-rock outfit Beautiful Small Machines while also debuting his neo-classical collective Ensemble, Et Al., and guitarist/keyboardist Arun Antonyraj is teaching math to middle schoolers in Brooklyn, NY and playing Magnetic Fields songs on his ukulele in the privacy of his Brooklyn rooftop.


released December 21, 2010